Marina Accessories features the most popular styles of corner bumpers, rub rail and fendering and many other application specific products can be source by reaching us here with your specific needs.

  • Corner Bumpers

    Corner Bumpers (2)

    Corner bumpers are the first line of defense against expensive damage to boats. They will not be damaged when exposed to temperature extremes and are unaffected by oil, gas, or saltwater.
  • Fend-All

    Fend-All (6)

    Offered in six styles, the FEND-ALL family of fenders are the only continuously supported, double-wall fenders available on the market with an "internal high-energy absorption web" capable of 250%+ extension before breakage. This combined with a special UV-stabilized material makes the FEND-ALL family of fenders the standard bearer for all marine fenders.
  • Rub Rail

    Rub Rail (7)

    All the 5000 series high quality dock bumper is made from a resilient PVC compound which offers exceptional performance and is weather and fungus resistant. It is preferred by the world's most comprehensive marina builders. The 5000 series can be offered in white, black, or grey. Aluminum, stainless steel ring shank nails or screws are recommended when installing.