• Custom Made Products

    Custom Made Products (4)

    We understand that sometimes, you need your products custom made to fit your needs, and we are here for you. Should you need a custom product, feel free to contact us here. Or, view the products that we have made before and fill out the form and send to
  • Popular Products

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  • Dock Accessories

    Dock Accessories (38)

    Quality accessories are a critical part of building or keeping a dock fully functional, appealing, and safe. Under this section you will find a wide variety of products that will best support you and your dock. Should you not find what you are looking for exactly, contact us here.
  • Fendering

    Fendering (15)

    Marina Accessories features the most popular styles of corner bumpers, rub rail and fendering and many other application specific products can be source by reaching us here with your specific needs.
  • Floats and Lift Tanks

    Floats and Lift Tanks (142)

    Eagle Floats, no other float on the market can compare. Made in the USA, our rotationally molded floats or lift tanks can be used on existing docks to gain freeboard, eliminate twisting, and/or improve the levelness of the dock. They can also be utilized in new construction of timber or truss dock systems. Eagle Floats are filled with closed cell foam, while our Lift Tanks are hollow to allow to allow for the addition or subtraction of air/water to support precise buoyancy trimming. Both floats and tanks are rotationally molded from the highest impact strength resin available and contain UV inhibitors and carbon black pigment to protect against ultraviolet deterioration. These resins offer a balance of toughness, rigidity, stress crack resistance and low temperature impact performance. If you don’t see the type or size you need please contact us here as custom products are available. Buoyancy Brochure
  • Hardware

    Hardware (41)

    Whether its a floating dock or a fixed dock, we have all the necessary items you need to keep secure, safe and functional here. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us here.
  • Marina Trash Skimmer

    Marina Trash Skimmer (6)

    An industrial scale problem like marine debris removal requires an industrial solution and our Marine Trash Skimmer provides just that. Cleaning more than 300 gallons of water a minute, the Marina Trash Skimmer is powerful enough to remove nearly any type of floating or suspended marine debris within its installation site and has a holding capacity that allows it to run uninterrupted for days before needing to be emptied. If your serious about tackling the growing epidemic of marine debris there is no better piece of equipment to help you. If you’d like to learn more about our equipment, its installation or discuss your specific marine debris problems please contact us here.
  • Power Pedestals

    Power Pedestals (14)

    Power pedestals are an important feature in any marina and should be both visually appealing and provide your customer with all the amenities and conveniences they need and expect. Additional features like integrated ground fault protection and remote power metering can also provide substantial safety benefits to all marina users and reduce labor for operators.